I am a source for strategy in creativity, engagement, play and technology. I blend modern technology with ancient wisdom to produce interactive experiences and stories that create worldwide transformation.


ASUNDER (Director's cut) - Asheville 48 Hour Film Project - Screen Artists Co-op

Summer 2014 short film project. One of my highlights was doing this project with my friends and especially with my oldest daughter, Cyrus!

ASUNDER (Director's Cut)

My Projects

Social Media: Blue Ridge Biscuit Company


Film: Four Senses

Four Senses DVD cover

Film: il mondo in una spiaggia

il mondo in una spiaggia (Italian for: the world in one beach)
This is my Documentary film about Beach Ultimate Frisbee.

 il mondo in una spiaggia DVD cover 

2011/Color/30 minutes/NR

Business: technoNative

new TechnoNative Logo



With Native Marketing produced multiple presentations for Turner Media Group on trends in pop culture, media, entertainment and technology.


 Native Marketing Cartoon Network HLN  Turner Media Group 


 TEDxAsheville TEDxRaleigh

 LEAF image

Game: Grateful Dead

The Epic Tour  McKinney

Games & Game Design:

 Fate of the World game

GameLab :: SheepsKnuckles

 image Gabe & Luke at the Game Jam

Reference letter from Steve Linton to Riot Games

I this reference letter from Steve Linton, President at Deltec Homes, he states:

I am confident [Brett] will thrive, be humble in soaking up everything you throw his way, and become a star performer in the long run.

I am:

    • Educated: I graduated Warren Wilson College with a degree in Community Leadership. I planned and executed many events, including competitive tournaments, as part of my study.
    • Experienced: Since 2009 I have run TEDxAsheville. For over 10 years I have been on staff with the semi-annual festival and I have run more than 20 sports tournaments during my career as an coordinator, player and coach. Additionally, I have been part of a dozen film productions which require similar skillsets as events.  

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This is from the 2012 IgniteAsheville event which was on my birthday. I decided to challenge myself with a little personal slideshow karaoke. More information about the night is here: http://igniteavl.org